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Clear Acrylic Pipe
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Specification of Clear Acrylic Pipe

Clear acrylic pipe is one type of acrylic pipe that has a level of clarity far exceeds other products that exist in the Indonesian market today. Until now, acrylic supplied by eka jaya packing is widely used for advertising industry, interior, food industry.

The acrylic purity clarity level also facilitates the process of quality control of the color of a beverage product, replacing the glass that is still the main choice at this time. Another advantage is the acrylic weight is much lighter than glass and the process of workmanship is flexible, easy and harmless.

Acrylic also has great potential for the beverage industry in Indonesia. Because of its food safe nature, it is not possible to develop microorganisms, along with precise size and diameter accuracy to make jatropha tubes from japan are suitable materials to be applied to transfer pipes in bottled, canned and infant formulas.

Application: advertising display, tube for lamp, candle lighting lamp, hand rails ladder, interior and exterior decoration, acrylic drum tube used in food industry, transparent pipe for powder inspection or other flow media, drain tube for media flow indicator, laboratory, Automatic tube oil, rainfall tube, flow rateing tube, rotameter, inspection of solution / mixed media, textile industry, skimmer protein, transparent pipe for pneumatic conveyor, hyperbaric chamber, vacuum chamber, water filter transparent tube, calcium reactor and others .

Size: od 6 x id 4 - od 300 x id 290
Standard length: 200 cm

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