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Glasswool With Aluminium Foil
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Specification of Glasswool With Aluminium Foil

Glasswool With Aluminum Foil (Glass wool coated aluminum) Yellow glass Wool Thermal Blanket Isolation With Aluminum Foil Face Quick Details:

Glasswool blankets confronted with aluminum foil are commonly used for warp pipeline lines and duct air conditioning systems as thermal and insulation materials.

Glasswool with aluminum foil made of flexible laminated glasswool blanket with aluminum foil (FSK). Application: Glasswool covers may be faced with aluminum foil (FSK) intended for use in commercial, institutional, industrial and residential construction as thermal insulation and acoustic heating air conditioning and interior dual-temperature duct work, air handling equipment and air vents that operate at speeds up to 30 m / s (6000 fpm) and temperature to121 ° c. It is also used as an efficient treatment of wall and ceiling sound absorption, acoustic enclosure, generator room, diligent and others.

Competitive advantage:
1. Hold fire
2. Excellent thermal conductivity and durability
3. Excellent acoustic property
4. Lightweight
Size: 25mm X 120cm X 30 meters / 50mm X 120cm X 15 meters

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