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Brake Lining Woven
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Specification of Brake Lining Woven

Brake Lining Woven roll Asbestos / Non-Asbestos (Brake Canvas)

We produce Brake Lining asbestos, which is woven solid, flexible, based on asbestos friction material. It is made of yarn spun-rotated asbestos brass wire making Brake Lining very durable. We utilize them in roll and segment shape, cone and special shape can easily be cut from it. Our range of Brake Liner is a flexible material and allows it to form into the fingers. Brake Lining or our brake lining has medium / high co efficient friction combined with moderate temperature wear resistance. Our high quality products are made using good quality raw materials, which improve quality and empower the strength. We offer Lining Roll Industry with both ungrounded surfaces. These products are applied in various brake and clutch components, industrial bands and brake linings, industrial bands, and plate and clutch cone lining.

Industrial bands and drum brakes Linings:

Band industry, plate and cone coupling coating (eg Crane, elevator, excwinator, concrete mixer, drop hammer, mine widening equipment, soil, haulages, tippers, oil well drawing works, road rollers, centrifugal sugar mills). Certain road heavy vehicle transport and tractor.

Thickness: 1/4 \ '\', 5/16 \ '\', 3/8 \ '\', 1/2 \ '\', 5/8 \ '\', 3/4 \ '\'.

Size: 2 \ '\', 3 \ '\', 4 \ '\', 5 \ '\', 6 \ '\', 8 \ '\', 10 \ '\', 12 \ '\'

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