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Armaflex Sponge Sheet
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Specification of Armaflex Sponge Sheet

Armaflex Sponge Sheet / Roll (Natural Sponge) is a closed cell of flexible elastomeric foam. It has a good fire rating and thermal energy-saving performance. Being from a closed cell material means Armaflex will not absorb moisture and by keeping moisture away from the surface of the pipeline as possible, Armaflex reduces costly risks under corrosion insulation.

Despite being a closed cell material, the Armaflex mat foam still provides significant sound absorption. Armaflex is regularly used as an internal layer to reduce fan noise in ducting, also provides thermal insulation, meaning the need for additional thermal insulation on the outside of the channel work is not required.

Armaflex can be easily and cost effectively made into a valve and flange box on the site, allowing for the protection of vulnerable components and the creation of fully enclosed systems significantly reducing costs.

Armflex can be used as an external acoustic layer also greatly reduces the break-out noise of the duct wall. The noise reduction can be even greatly increased when used with ArmaSound RD and Arma-Chek R. Armaflex also has microban built-in anti-microbial protection to provide resistance to mold and bacterial growth, allowing use in environments such as offices, schools and hospitals. Armaflex dust, fiber and free formaldehyde.

Application fields:
- Refrigeration unit and equipment for AC system
- Frozen water pipe
- Condensation of water pipes
- Water Duct and hot water pipe

Temperature: 50C - 180C
Thickness: 10mm, 12mm, 20mm, 25mm, 30mm.
Size: 120cm X 90cm

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