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Toko Mekar Mas Jaya

About Us

Toko Mekar Mas Jaya (DKI Jakarta, Indonesia)

We are a company engaged in the procurement of industrial goods & services.
We offer a variety of product solutions that can support business and business activities, especially in Jabodetabek and Outside regions.
MEKAR MAS JAYA, has the competence and excellence with a professional workforce that has been trusted by dozens of companies in Indonesia.
In order to establish cooperation, we offer our products that can foster business development and your company's business on an ongoing basis. The products we offer, including:
Tombo 1000 Blue, Tombo 1303 Black, Tombo 1100 Red, Tombo Non Asbestos 1935 Blue, Tombo Non Asbestos 1995 Brown, Tombo 1120 Black, Valqua 1500, Valqua 1501AC, Valqua 6500, Valqua 1500AC, Valqua no.6502, Valqua 7026, Valqua 6501 , Valqua 6503AC, Valqua 7010, Cork Sheet, Rubber Cork Sheet.
Klinger Top Graph 2000, Klinger Top Graph 2008, Tombo No.9038 G-Flon Packing, Non Asbestos Bg 1005, Valqua No.2010, Klingersil C-4400, Klingersil C-4403, Klingersil C-4500, Klingersil C-4430, Thermoseal Klingersil C440, Klingerit 100, Klingerit 200, Klingerit Universal 3XA, Klingerit Oilit 3XA, Klingerit 1000, Garlock 1000, Garlock 7021, Garlock 5500, Garlock 3300, Garlock 3300, Garlock 3400, Garlock 3700, TBA Firefly, Graphite Sheet, Spiral Wound Gaskets, Gland Packing, Rames Packing, Steam Packing, Kevlar, Pure Gland PTFE, GFO Packing, PTFE Joint Sealant, Graphite Packing, Gland Kevlar PTFE Packing, PTFE Graphite Packing, Gasket Novapress Basic Frenzelit, PTFE Yellow Fiber Packing, Carbon Fiber Gland Packing, PTFE Packing, Woven Brake Lining / Brake Lining, Teadit 1005, Teadit Na1100. Teadit Na-1122, Non Asbestos Compressed - BG 3010, 3030, Teadit TF 1590, Teadit Na 1040, Teadit Na 1002, Teadit Na 1122, Brands: Tombo, Valqua, Fine Best, Klinger, Klingersil, Garlock, Chesterton, and others.
2. Product Insulation
Asbestos Tape With Aluminum, Asbestos Cloth With Aluminum, Aluminum Foil, Asbestos Tape, Asbestos Cloth, Fiberglass Tape, Fiberglass Cloth, Aluminum Foil Tape, Asbestos Insulation, Thermo Cloth and Thermo Tape, Rockwool Insulation, Glass Wool Insulation, PTFE Teflon Fabric, Rockwool Pipe, Asbestos Rope, Vilt Wool, Rockwool Blanket, Asbestos Sheet, Steel Wool, etc. 3. Engineering Product
UHMW-PE 300, UHMW-PE 500, UHMW-PE 1000, PVC Gray Sheet, PVC Gray Rod, Polyurethane Sheet, Polyurethane Rod, Mica, Acrylic Pipe, Acrylic Rod, Acrylic Sheet, Nylon Rod, Nylon Sheet, Wood Sheet, Bakelite Sheet. Pet Rod, Pet Sheet, PE Sheet, PE Rod, PTFE Rod, PTFE Sheet, PTFE Tubing, Carbon PTFE Sheet, Carbon PTFE Rod, Novotek Sheet, Novotek Rod, Urethane Sheet, Urethane Rod, Poly Carbonate, Epoxy Resin Fiber Plate, Resin Fiber Rod, HDPE Sheet, MC Blue Sheet, MC Blue Rod, Sigth Gllas, and others.
4. Rubber Product
Neoprene Rubber, Viton Rubber, FKM Rubber, Rubber Sheet, Rubber Thread, Synthetic Rubber, Silicone Rubber Sheet, Rubber Anti Static, Green Rubber, White Rubber, Silicone Sheet, Silicone Hose, Silicone Rod, Rubber Line, Habasit, Linatex, German Rubber , Rubber NBR, EPDM Rubber, Red Silicone Rubber, Black Sponge, White Sponge, Cork Rubber, Heat Resistant Sponge, and others.

Standard Flange Packing, ANSI, JIS, PN, ASME, There Is A Bolt / No Bolt Hole. Spiral Wound Gaskets, ANSI, DN, PN, JIS, Material, SS, CS, Carbon, Titanium, Graphite, Non Asbestos
A pride if we can be part of the development of your business and business with a variety of products and services from us.
Customer satisfaction is our top priority.

Menjadi perusahaan yang hadndal dan terpercaya dalam bidang Packing & Gasket

Menyediakan produk berkualitas prima dengan harga bersaing

Mekar Mas Jaya, perusahaan bergerak dalam bidang Packing dan Gasket. Kami menyediakan menyediakan berbagai jenis Packing Gasket (merk Tombo, Klingersil, Klingerit, Rubber Produk (Rubber NBR, Rubber Sintesis, Karet Silikon, Rubber Mat, Rubber Viton, Karet EPDM, dll), Insulation Produk (Pita Asbes, Kain Asbes, Kain Fiber, Fiber Tape, Tali Asbes, Ceramic Fibre Blanket, dll), Gland Packing (Gland Packin Asbestos Non Asbestos, dll), dan masih banyak produk kami yang lain.

Komplek Pertokoan Glodok Jaya Lantai II Blok C No. 39 Jl. Hayam Wuruk, Jakarta Barat 11180 Jakarta Barat 11180
DKI Jakarta , Indonesia

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